You'll never guess who this is...

Jodie Marsh

What is it about a physical transformation that makes it so compelling? We don’t often go there on Mamamia because we’re not fond of the kind of yoyo weight stories that are the staple of women’s magazines.

However, this is different. This is not about weight. It is, however, about shape. And it’s pretty surprising. In fact we dare suggest it could be  the most shocking change in appearance since George Clooney first appeared on The Facts of Life in 1985 with a mullet before he went on to be the original Dr Hot on ER.

Yes, we are talking about Jodie Marsh.  Are you muttering, “Who’s Jodie Marsh?” We know. We can hear you through the Interweb. Jodie Marsh is a UK glamour model (in the same genre as Katie Price / Jordan but far less well known – or rich – outside the UK). Jodie has been through rather a lot – including several boob jobs, makeovers and even make-unders. As you do.

And now she’s taken up bodybuilding. As you do.  According to The Daily Mail:

The 32-year-old star was seen showing off her muscular new body as she entered the Natural Physique Association (NPA) Mike Williams Classic and Pro-Am Bodybuilding Championships last month.

Talking about her new figure, Jodie said: ‘This is the best I’ve ever felt, and the best my body has ever felt too.”

So props to her since she sounds so happy. Plus, if we don’t say that Jodie might put us in a headlock. Check out this gallery of Jodie before her bodybuilding days when she was all curves, right through to what she looks like now as a bodybuilder. WOW.

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