'You look tired' and other phrases you don't want to hear.

Says it all.

It’s funny how even the most well-meaning comments can leave you feeling like crap. Like when someone tells you ‘you look tired’ or ‘you look amazing, have you lost weight?’

For all the single ladies, it’s “Don’t worry, you’ll find someone” – often accompanied by a condescending pat on the arm. Or when some stranger or co-worker urges you to “Smile!” when you really DO NOT WANT TO. And don’t get us started on “Turn that frown upside down!”

We stumbled upon this list of infuriating phrases from at The Daily Mail and it made us nod vigorously. They’re the words and questions that are so often passive aggressive. Or are we just tired?

1. You look tired.

While there’s something faintly sexy about saying this to a man — it connotes crumpled shirts, hand-raked hair and a world-weariness beloved of cinematic heroes — in women it just spells, ‘you look pasty and old’. End of.

2. They’re not babies for long!

Served up when you’re knee-deep in children, this infuriating, one-size-fits-all response is lobbed back at any complaints you may make about your offspring’s trying behaviour. Often said by an indulgent relative. As if them writing their name in your new Chanel lipstick on the bathroom mirror should be a memory to treasure.

3. Relax!

Of all the patronising, ego-crushing, useless pieces of junk commentary that blight the English language, this one takes the digestive. As if it will make you think: ‘You know what, I think I will relax. I’ll forget that the boss has just dumped on me from a great height and will go and have a private moment with a yoga mat and a mug of chamomile.’

4. Is it your hormones?

The ultimate male cop-out. When faced with a female in a high-octane situation or when they’re unable to grasp that women do have legitimate reasons to be upset, men take refuge in this trusty standby. It screams: ‘You women are a boiling bag of chemicals that make you go cuckoo at least once a month if not more frequently.’

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