10 signs you’re the mum of a newborn.

When you bring a tiny human into this world for the first time it’s as perfectly beautiful as it is foreign. It also changes you and your life in ways that you cannot, despite plenty of advance warning, prepare yourself for. When it does happen though, the signs that you are the parent of a newborn will be all too obvious. Here are some you might relate to…

10 Signs you are the mother of a newborn baby:

1. Your Google search history will look a little something like this this:

2. You will have amazing boobs.

Unfortunately no one, other than the baby, is allowed to touch them. Or even look at them. Or even mention looking at them.

No touching! No touching!

3. You have mastered the art of power naps.

Knowing that your sleep debt will soon be insurmountable, you are starting to take naps whenever and wherever you get the chance. Even mid-conversation.

4. You have learnt to eat fast and you have learnt that you no longer need two hands to do so.

You’ve also started to purchase food that doesn’t require any cutlery or for that matter, table manners.

5. You have discarded all items of clothing that aren’t fitted with elastic waists or that don’t allow your new supersized breasts to be easily accessed.

6. You have at least one milk “incident” per day.

7. You have started to say things you don’t mean to the people that you love.

9. You are a bit, shall we say, “delicate” from the waist down.

10. You have no idea what day it is. Or who you are.

This is (un)scientifically known as “Mummy Brain” and basically renders you a little bit useless. Take heart. It doesn’t last forever but you will be leaving your handbag in the fridge a few more times before it’s all over.

There is of course is the most obvious sign that you’re the mother of a newborn:

As difficult and as overwhelming as this period can be, just know that you are doing your very best and that you are not alone. Above all, try to take the time to enjoy them while they’re this lovely and little.

Any other signs you’d like to add from your own personal experience?