You don’t need a uni degree for this job!

Now here’s a job they don’t advertise at Centrelink. Actress Virginia Madsen has landed the lucky lucky job as the new spokeswoman for Botox. Last year she came out and admitted to jabbing her face with Botox between the eyebrows and also cosmetic filler Juvaderm in the lines on the side of her mouth. Allergan, the maker of both products, promptly signed her up to spruik them.

The Oscar nominated actress who is 45 and has a 12-year old son said,
“I made a lot of choices to keep myself youthful and strong. I work
out. I eat good foods. And I also get injectables.” Of course she does.
Kudos for her honesty because most actors still claim to be
surgery-free but I still think it’s bizarre that an actress, whose job
depends on her making, you know, FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, would be the
(frozen) face of a toxic poison that paralyses your facial muscles. And
also? According to New Scientist magazine, new studies are suggesting
that Botox may in fact leak from the face to the brain. Mmmm, tempting.


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