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Bizarre case of a yoga teacher re-arrested for her twin's murder after driving off a cliff.

A woman accused of deliberately driving her identical twin sister off a cliff has been arrested and charged with murder for a second time.

Alexandria Duval initially walked free after her sister Anastasia died when their vehicle plunged into the ocean from a Maui clifftop in May, but was re-arrested in New York on Friday with new evidence reportedly coming to light.

At the time of the accident, eyewitnesses say they saw the two sisters arguing in their SUV as it hurtled towards the edge of the cliff with Alexandria behind the wheel and Anastasia pulling her hair from the back seat, the IBT Times reported.

The two sisters were popular yoga teachers, with successful studios in New York, Florida and Utah, which they shut down suddenly with no warning or without refunding their customers.

They then changed their names, formerly they were known as Alison and Ann Dadow, before declaring bankruptcy and moving to Hawaii, apparently having been involved in a failed reality TV project.

Alexandria’s arrest comes after a grand jury indicted her for second degree murder last month.

According to court documents, she accelerated and made a sharp turn left over the cliff.

Police traffic investigators reported there were no signs of braking before the plunge.

The smashed SUV showed no evidence of braking. Source: Hawaii News Now

Anastasia suffered severe head trauma and bleeding and was found by police without a pulse.

The original charges were dismissed for lack of probably cause. It is unclear at this stage what evidence will be used to support the new ones.

In August, Alexandria was also arrested drunk driving in New York with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit, according to The Cut.

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