It happened. The most awkward First Dates question ever.

Sometimes a question reveals a hell of a lot more about the person asking it than the answer ever could.

This is one of those times.

We’re looking at you, Yen.

Sitting across from model train enthusiast, Alexander, on Wednesday’s night’s episode of First Dates, the 23-year-old chose to delve deep into her blind date’s soul, to peel back the layers of his psyche, to get to know the real him by asking…

“What are your views on sex? What’s the weirdest place you’ve done it?”

Oh, sweet baby Jesus.

We can only pray that moments before this minor disaster a teenage diner inexplicably yelled “Truth or Dare!” between bites of risotto. Because why else would you ask that question, Yen? Why? WHY?

Bad question. Excellent TV. Image: Channel 7.

You could practically see poor Alexander mentally weighing the embarrassment of responding against the embarrassment of legging it out of there and back to the emotional safety of his train set.

He went for the former. "My car, I guess," he said, as he struggled to swallow his beans. "W.. what about you?"

Her response: “I did it in a lecture room!”

(#PutYourDettolOut for Yen's classmates.)

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So, there was that. And also that time Yen pretended she was 50-year-old cougar, declared she's "attracted to recluses" and pretended she didn't want a second date.

"I think we should just be friends." Pause for dramatic effect. "I'm kidding!"

Alexander declined. Pause for dramatic effect.


Alexander was not kidding.