"There is life after Year 12 exams. And it's awesome."

For every parent who is dealing with a stressed out teen — and every teen who is stressed out.

You know that horrible feeling that your entire future is riding on one single event? That’s what 220,000 Year 12 students are going through right now.

Mamamia founder and content director Mia Freedman — who is also the proud mum of a Year 12 student — knows the overwhelming feeling well.

“It’s impossible to have the wisdom of hindsight when you’re in the middle of something,” she says.

Mia and a bunch of other personalities have joined youth mental health service this year to share the important message that there is life after Year 12. 

You can watch the video here (and share it with all the final year students you know):

After finishing her final exams Mia took a year off, started a communications degree that she hated, then quit and began work experience at Cleo magazine. By 24, she was the editor of Cosmopolitan Australia.

“I know it feels like you’re being funnelled into one door, it’s not like that,” she says.

“There are actually hundreds of doors, and windows, and tunnels, and basements and different ways to get into your future.

“Just have some faith that you will get there, because you will.”

“Just have some faith that you will get there, because you will. You will get there, whether you like it or not, but it’s not all or nothing.

“There is life after Year 12 exams. And it’s awesome.”