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Man thinks he's texting his crush. Actually texting a guy who is sharing every word on Twitter.



Poor, poor Wrong Number Steve.

Steve was just a man. A man who met a girl at a bar and was hoping to possibly see that girl again. But somehow (maybe she did it on purpose, maybe not), Steve ended up with the wrong number.

Now, the person who received his text could have just replied that Steve had mistakenly texted the wrong number.

But Steve was unlucky.

Not only did the person who received Steve’s text decide to play along and pretend to be the girl, the person who received Steve’s text also happened to be the administrator of a major sports Twitter account with over 400,000 followers (@PaddyPower).

So, as Steve thought he had possibly found and was texting the girl of his dreams, the guy stringing him along was sharing their exchange with 410,000 people:




Poor, poor Wrong Number Steve. Although, he does take it pretty freaking well when Paddy Power eventually reveals what’s been going on (and that 410,000 people have been in on the joke).

Take a look through the whole cringeworthy exchange and see how Steve officially became Wrong Number Steve:


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