"Super hydrating with a gorgeous holiday glow": 16 women trial Wotnot Naturals' Certified Organic Self Tan Mousse with vitamin C and kakadu plum.

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If there's just one thing to take on your merry way from all the glorious beauty advice on You Beauty, it surely has to be: never, ever skimp on SPF in your skincare routine.       

Like, ever – rain, hail or shine (and even on days you're indoors, or in winter, or sat near a window, or when it’s cloudy. Leigh Campbell said so, and heck, I'm not taking any chances). 

I never quite anticipated the whole see-protecting-my-skin-from-the-sun-can-be-cool movement to take off so incredibly, but I'm very glad it did (because of the whole UV damage, premature ageing, pigmentation thing etc etc). 

Nowadays it's all about achieving a healthy-looking glow from home, and we're as spoilt for choice in the self tan department as we've ever been. 

Tanning waters! Mists! Serums! Creams! Mousses! Now, there's actually a new self tan claiming an Australian first, promising to lift our faux glow game by, like, A LOT.

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The Wotnot Naturals Certified Organic Self Tan Mousse comes from Australia’s first COSMOS certified organic tanning range. It's a completely toxin free formula, infused with various active skincare ingredients – like aloe vera, ylang ylang, patchouli and kakadu plum – to leave skin looking beautifully bronzed, moisturised and hydrated.

Wotnot's natural approach to fake tan is so refreshing, especially now we've finally got the option for a salon-quality bronzed glow, without having our skin absorb certain nasty ingredients (think dyes, artificial fragrances, parabens, alcohol and petrochemicals). 

So, to help us knuckle down on whether this high-performing organic tan can actually deliver that just-got-back-from-Fiji level of radiance, we asked 100 women on our Mamamia You Beauty Panel to road test this Wotnot Self Tan Mousse, and report back to us on their honest results.

Here's what some of them said.


Megan, 22: "Naturally bronzed with an amazing glow."

"The Wotnot Certified Organic Self Tan Mousse made me look and feel like I had just returned from a resort holiday. My skin was not only left looking naturally bronzed but also had an amazing glow. My skin felt extremely hydrated and the scent was super relaxing. 

"The mousse is very lightweight and so easy to blend. I left the tan for approx 8 hours and was so happy with the end result! Knowing I was using a fake tan full of natural ingredients was the cherry on top."

Kelsey, 26: "I love that it's free from toxins."

"I have tried SO many different tanning brands and I was really surprised how good Wotnot is – I love that it's free from toxins. It applies so well to the skin, and sets beautifully. It is easy to apply with the Wotnot mitt, and I'm so happy I found this brand. I will be buying this is the future and recommending!"

Rachel, 30: "Salon quality colour."

Image: Supplied. 


"Overall I did mostly enjoy the Certified Organic Self Tan Mousse! The colour was salon quality, and could feel the hydrating effects straight away after the first application. Would recommend!"

Emma, 30: "Lovely tan that complimented my olive skin."

"I wasn't expecting it to literally be the smoothest tan application ever - it was so easy. I loved that the tan is organic with no 'fake tan' smell. I rinsed in the shower after 4 hours and ended up with a lovely colour tan that complimented my olive skin, and was not too dark but not too light (just right!). I am very keen to try more from Wotnot!"

Marlise, 27: "Was a beautiful shade, and I could feel good about using an organic product!"

"I loved this product!! Would buy again, and would recommend. It applied nicely, left no streaks for me, was a beautiful shade, wasn't drying to the skin, and had no offensive odour. I also love the fact that I could feel good about using a safe and organic product!"

Amelia, 31: "The perfect self-care pick-me-up."

"This tan was the perfect self care pick me up during a long Victorian winter lockdown. After months of my body hardly seeing the sun, this tan gave me a really natural glow which generally improved my mood. The smell was delightful, and I’m also 30 weeks pregnant so it was very important to me to use something toxin-free."

Jaime, 31: "Easy to apply and smelled great."

Before using (left) and after using (right)! Image: Supplied. 

"As the palest person in the Northern Territory, I liked this option as a certified organic tan! It gave salon-quality colour for sure, was quite easy to apply and smelled great."

Georgia, 24: "Very natural with no orange colour."

"Fantastic! The colour was dark but still looked very natural no orange colour (got multiple compliments that it looked like a natural tan). The tan wore very well and didn’t come off in patches - just slowly faded after a week. Love this tan!"


Sheree, 28: "It’s a winner for me."

"I loved this tan. I usually use another brand which works fine, but isn’t organic and the smell is overpowering. I found this product amazing, streak-free and easy to apply with virtually no smell. It’s a winner for me."

Tori, 27: "Very impressed it's an all-natural product."

Before, during and after using! Image: Supplied. 

"I loved it! Very impressed that it is an all-natural product AND the results are amazing! Little to no smell, glides on easily. Can be sticky to touch at first, but once it settled it was no worry. It has been fading very nicely, and not patchy at all which is great. The colour is perfect too. I left it on for 7 hours and was a lovely golden deep tan!"

Hannah, 26: "A really gorgeous bronze. Love how hydrating it is!"

"I really enjoyed this product! I love the scent, and love how hydrating it is. As a pale redhead, I was terrified of the words "ultra dark" so applied it very sparingly at first, and found it layered really well if you wanted to build up tan the next day. I applied the tan to my whole body (got to test it properly!) and found it developed best after two days, and was a really gorgeous bronze. 

"For a real just-got-back-from-The-Bahamas look, I'd apply a day or two before your event. Love it!"

Jordon, 30: "Would recommend this tan to anyone."

"Would recommend this tan to anyone. I usually stick with my *usual* but now I’ve had the opportunity to try this, this will be my go-to. So easy to apply, no streaks, fades well over time and no smell!"


Chelsea, 20: "Love it, so easy to apply."

Image: Supplied. 

"Loved it! It was easy to apply and when it was washed off, it looked great! Going toxin free is definitely important to me, and this tan felt really hydrating with high quality results. I'd happily purchase again!"

Allison, 25: "Went on smoothly and the result looked amazing."

"Really liked this tan! Have been tanning for years and it was so nice to use something that was natural, but still gave the effects results of a chemical-filled tan! A lot nicer smell and the mousse was a great consistency, went on smoothly and the result looked amazing when washed off."

Alannah, 23: "Drawn to the natural hydrating ingredients."

"Overall a fantastic experience with the product. I was drawn to the fact there is natural hydrating ingredients as my skin often dries out with other tanning brands. The application was so easy: the tan dried quickly so I was able to continue doing my everyday tasks while it developed. So impressed and will definitely continue purchasing!"

Yadi, 28: "Would purchase again."

"I am not a regular tanner, so I was quite nervous at first. I was pleasantly surprised and quite impressed. I really liked how it didn't give a strong smell. It gave a nice, even colour and it removed quite easily. I liked how it wasn't sticky while it was drying; I felt comfortable putting clothes on only a few minutes after applying. 

"I really liked this product and would purchase again."

Enjoy toxin-free tanning from home and shop Wotnot's Certified Organic Self Tan Mousse in Medium and Ultra Dark here

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