The 15 most appalling stories of wedding guests behaving badly.

They should have just eloped.

It’s a rare wedding that can go off with out a hitch. Because there’s always one. That one rogue guest at the wedding that makes an arse-hat of themselves and puts a real downer on the event.

Maybe they had a few too many champagnes on arrival and tried to hit on the bride or maybe they used the best man speech to bring up a long buried indiscretion by the groom.

Either way, it’s train wreck that you just can’t tear your eyes off.

And Reddit is a treasure trove of these horrifying stories. When the question was posed, what is the most appalling behaviour you've seen from a guest at a wedding? People responded with some absolute shockers.

Can you beat any of these?

1. "At the reception the new couple were sitting there with a long line of people waiting to pay their respects. The groom's mother cuts in front and says in a really loud voice to the bride: 'Your sister just told me to go f*ck myself. What the f*ck are you going to do about it?'"

2. "I used to work for a wedding planner and one time a guest STOLE the bride's dress. The bride had changed into a short, more comfortable dress for her grand exit (her other dress was cumbersome and poofy) and on the security cameras in the venue you could see the guest run into the bathroom while everyone watched the couple leave and take the thousands of dollars dress out the back door. She denied it until we threatened to press charges and then claimed 'I was going to wash it' for the bride."

3. "I was at a wedding where the bride's best friend and maid of honour stood up to give a toast and tell a story about the bride. She then proceeded to tell a story about the two of them going on a road trip, picking up some dude with a foot fetish, and taking turns f*cking him in a seedy motel. I was laughing my arse off because I didn't really know these people (husband's friends), but the faces of everyone else were just blank or angry. The groom's dad had even made this entire video presentation of his son growing up and was all weepy. Then he hears about his new daughter-in-law double teaming a hobo."


4. "The bride had a best man, her best friend from university. In his speech he told the story of how she took his virginity, and how he loved her so much. Then he started crying. Nobody could kick his arse because he was in a wheelchair. The father of the groom later loaded him into an accessible taxi and told him to get lost."

5. "The father of the bride gave incorrect directions to the reception to all of the groom's friends in a blatant attempt to make them fail to show up."

6. "A friend and his girlfriend were expecting a baby but something went wrong and the baby was stillborn. Fast forward to their wedding day... The best man told a dead baby joke during his speech and was kicked out of the wedding shortly after."

7. "At my cousin's wedding, my aunt behaved like an impossible b*tch. The bride and groom had outlawed speeches out of respect for the bride's mother who was terrified of speaking in public, and my aunt was so pissed about that. She got increasingly drunk and offended an increasing number of guests while complaining that she would just like to say something, because she, unlike someone else, loved her children. She exploded during dessert and called her new daughter-in-law a bitch who didn't deserve to be in her family."


8. "Brief but tacky - the mother of the bride showed up in a white dress."

9. "Not really a 'guest' exactly, but during my step sisters wedding some people crashed the wedding and stole her wedding cake. This was around the time that wedding crashers came out, and we were warned that they've had an influx of people just showing up to weddings uninvited trying to mimic the movie. They convcined us to hire some light security, but it didn't help. The people were a bunch of drunk college kids, they snuck in, went in there back by the cake, took the whole thing around back outside and just ate a small part of it with their hands and then just started throwing the rest around. We noticed when, during the middle of the wedding ceremony, they tossed the last half of the entire cake into a bonfire in the back."

10. "Got drunk, felt up the bride, complained about the food, and then got stuck in the ladies' bathroom stall. Did I mention this was the father of the groom?"

11. "My best friend went to her cousin's wedding, everything went ok until the reception when my friend was sitting in the bar of the hotel with her brothers and their Mum ran in shouting 'your Nan's got your Aunty Maureen in a headlock' and then ran back out again. They followed her into the main reception room to find a full on fight going on, which appears to have been started by my friend's nan getting drunk and reopening old wounds. It ended with the cousin in tears, her foot on her father's throat as he lay on the floor, screaming at her family to get out and that she never wanted to see them again because they ruined her wedding. Apparently the groom's family who had all flown over from Ireland were completely shellshocked."


12. "The brother of the groom proposing to their significant other."

13. "My uncle that was doubling as the photographer fell through a wall because he was so drunk. He also loaded all of his film wrong and no pictures came out."

14. "At my cousins wedding after the party had finished, a friend of the groom got so drunk that he took a shit in the hallway of the hotel the reception was being held at. He then proceeded to try to clean it up with a towel from his room and managed to make it worse by smearing it all over the walls. He was then found by management and dropped off at the best man's hotel room, where he promptly climbed into bed still covered in shit and passed out. Not funny at the time but hilarious in retrospect."

15. "The MC gets up and does his last little speech and says the father of the groom is going to get up to finish his speech. This was apparently a complete lie - the mother bursts into the room with her ballroom dance partner, dragging him by the tie to some Tina Turner song, and starts doing the most inappropriate dance I have ever seen in the middle of the dance floor. I felt sick and the bride looked like she was going to cry."

Have you witnessed any terrible behaviour at weddings?

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