10 of the most horrendous things to ever happen at a wedding.

If you’re getting married today, you might not want to read this…


Ask yourself this question: What was the worst thing to happen at your wedding?

Did you trip on the front of your long white gown/high, high, high heels while walking up the aisle and fall against a bridesmaid?

Did your groom accidentally say you met at a f**k pond instead of a DUCK pond during his impromptu wedding speech?

Did your parents make a super embarrassing video montage of you as a kid. With your brother. Nude. In the bath?

If you just winced as you remembered your own embarrassing wedding moment, you will feel for these poor people, who suffered some major stuff ups on their big day.

And we know all about it, thanks to these bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests shared who shared the worst things they’ve seen at a wedding on Reddit.

Let's strap these on extra tight...

1. The bride gets a bit too honest.

"I was best man in a wedding. I was standing next to the couple at the reception and the bride was tipsy (groom was sober). She told him aloud "I'm not really that in love with you.... but I think you'll be a good husband." The look on his face sucked all the joy from me. He tried to laugh it off and told her to hush but he was tearing up as they walked away."

2. Oh... no...

"I didn't witness it myself but my father told me a story once of when he was at a wedding. The groom decided half way through the ceremony that he didn't want to get married. He was then attacked by the father and brother of the bride. After a brawl (and a few bloody noses) he changed his mind and they got married."


3. Doggy don'ts.

"Family dog was the ring bearer. The ring bearer took a sh*t on the way down the aisle."

Not a great idea as a ring bearer.

 4. Knifing funny about this.

"As things were winding down and we were getting to the last song (Celebration), some drunk guy who had been coming in and out of the room throughout the night, came running in with a guitar and making an ass of himself. My dad and a couple of my cousins asked the man to leave and tried to lead him to the door. The guy apparently didn't really like that because he pulled out a knife and swiped at my dad."

"Once they saw the knife everyone who was trying to escort him away just went off on this guy. My cousin had the guy in a choke hold, my dad was hitting him wherever there was an opening, the bride's brother was kicking the guy, it was messy. Eventually we were able to pull everyone off the guy and he ran away but left the knife. Police were called and they searched the premises for the guy and eventually caught him several hours later and he was arrested."

5. Choose your friends wisely.

"A childhood friend of the groom stood up and told a speech about how the groom would never beat his new wife or his children. The groom has no history of domestic abuse or being a violent person whatsoever. It was really weird and so embarrassing. The couple were mortified."

Can anyone say A for awkward?

 6. The show MUST go on.

"At my parents' wedding, my mother's brother passed out in the ceremony and hit his head on the ground so hard it was bleeding. Then in response, another of her brothers passed out at the sight of the blood. They kept going with the ceremony. People tried not to stare."

7. Just don't cheat. Honestly.

"Two of my friends got married. The groom cheated on his bride quite often, including the night before the wedding. An anonymous text was sent out and spilled the beans to the bride. A fight ensued, but the wedding continued as planned. Also, the girl that did the bride's makeup for the wedding...well, that was the girl who had been sleeping with the groom. I have never witnessed a more awkward situation in my life."


8. Oops, I'm pregnant!

"The bride's water breaking as she hobbled down the aisle..."

"Now seems like a perfect time for my water to break."

 9. Confirming the grooms sexuality.

"My mum toasting the groom and saying how thankful she was to have the bride come into his life, thereby removing any questions about the groom's sexual orientation."

10. A long lost love.

"I bartend weddings so I get to see 20-30 a year, and probably the craziest thing I've ever seen, was only a couple of weeks ago. The bride was absolutely plastered, bar was closed, and she's leaning against the bar. Some really dorky guy comes up to her and starts telling her how he thought they were always more than friends, and they had a deep connection, and as if to just shut this moron up, the bride pulls the top of her dress down, says 'there', and then walks away."

What was the worst thing that happened at your wedding?

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