A man criticised women for being 'too open' about their periods. So they went rogue.

Every woman remembers their worst period.

Whether it was the time their period suddenly arrived at a highly inconvenient, awkward time or the time they were forced to call in sick at work to deal with the unbearable pain, every woman has a story.

And sometimes, sharing those stories makes dealing with the pain and stress a whole lot easier.

So when one Twitter user said women should keep their periods private, his complaint spectacularly backfired.

“It’s so disgusting the way some girls complain about period pain on social media,” the man wrote.

“Yes we know that you guys go through a lot during period but is it that too difficult to keep it to yourselves or what?”

The post has since gone viral with over 4,000 likes and over 1,000 likes.

Naturally, the man’s tweet led thousands of women to share their brutally honest period stories.

While some women shared the details of their worst periods, others shared how debilitating their time of the month can be.

Here’s just a couple of their responses:





The man’s tweet, which has now been pinned to the top of his Twitter profile, has been responded to by nearly 2,000 women.

But speaking to Metro, it’s clear he’s still sticking by his original opinion – despite the thousands of responses.

“I’ll still stick to my words that it’s totally not right for a lady to complain about her period experience on social media,” he told the publication.

Side note – this is totally what your period would be like as a person.

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