These are 12 of the worst marriage proposals of all time. Try to not cringe.

Seriously, what were they thinking.

Your marriage proposal. Everyone always asks, “How did he (or she) do it?” It’s meant to be one of the most romantic and memorable moments in your entire life. A story you’ll be telling your grandkids (and anyone else who’ll listen).

But some must have missed that memo. These terrible marriage proposal stories shared on Reddit are so far from romantic, but at least they’re memorable.

We dare you to try and read them without wincing.

1. “A guy I knew (a really stupid guy) got his girlfriend a diamond ring as a birthday present, not intending any larger message. She unwrapped it and said, “Oh, Stupid Guy! Of course I will!” He went through with it rather than deal with the awkwardness. Didn’t last.”

2. "This is how my dad proposed to my mum. My mother worked as a teller at a bank, and a man covered in ACE bandages over his face came in and handed her a folded note that said "Give me your money." She didn't open it completely and was freaking out, so the man unwrapped his ACE face and asked her if she would marry him. She thinks he's crazy but she said yes. The rest of the note said "or bee my wife" (with a cute picture of a bee). My dad is a little off, but we have a happy family."

3. "A guy wanted to propose to his girlfriend at Disney World. VERY common, usually in front of the castle, usually with staff involved for pictures and stuff, usually Disney will do what they can to make it special. But no, this genius, this man of men, decided he had to step it up a notch. Decides to do it on Splash Mountain. At the peak. Right before the drop. Aaaand he dropped the ring."

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4. "Not the worst way to propose, but it was pretty funny anyway: When I proposed, my fiancee was coming home from work. I was waiting for her when she got home with a little sign, and I on one knee. She spilled her coffee all over herself coming in the door, tripped, dropped her bag and was swearing like a sailor. She then saw me and started to cry and asked if she could have a "do over"."

5. "A guy I knew proposed at his brother's wedding reception. I thought it was a jerk move. She said yes, too, but recanted it a few days later. I will never, ever, for the life of me understand why people propose in public."


6. "My dad's method was pretty bad. He was supposed to pick my mum up from work (on his motorcycle), and he was late. She was pissed and chewed him out the entire way home. When they got home, he was fuming, and said something along the lines of, "You want to know why I'm fucking late? Here!" And slammed down the box with the ring in it. He had been late because he was picking it out. I learned this when I told my parents I was going to propose to my girlfriend, and was told that I should not under any circumstances try that method myself."

7. "I proposed to my wife using the police. I had her get pulled over and then they told her she was the suspect in a theft crime. She got all nervous and then the police officer pulled out a picture of me and told her "you stole this man's heart". Then I got out of the back of the police car and dropped the knee. She liked it."

8. "I saw a teenage couple making out hard in a local diner in my home town. I swear they weren't older than 18. Anyways, they were sitting in a booth somewhere in the middle of the restaurant...he stands up, proposes to her while she's at the table eating french fries. Everyone clapped...and one guy yelled "well that's a bad idea!" I laughed so hard."

9. "I got into a pretend argument with my girlfriend, it escalated into a shouting match, pulled off the side of the road to let things really get out of hand, and then shouted: "It's a good thing I started this argument just so I could confuse you when I gave you this!". Then I tossed a little black box into her lap and said, "If you still want to marry me after what I just did then I guess we're meant to be"."


10. "My wife says that the way I proposed was a traumatic experience and she wishes that I had done something a bit different. She was six months pregnant with our first child. We were living in our first shared crappy apartment getting ready to go to a fair. (Why I didn't do it at the fair or something I couldn't tell you). What I did do was morosely tell her there was something we needed to talk about. I sat her down and proceeded to tell her there was something bugging me in the relationship, and the "way I see it there is only one way to fix it"... Will you marry me. She genuinely though that I was breaking up with her and leaving her stuck child to raise on her own before those last words came out. She started crying and eventually hit me, then said yes. I am a lucky man to have her, I just wish I could have asked in a little different way!"

11. "The way my dad proposed to my mum. It just happened randomly. Dad: How much weight do you think you can lose by September? Mum: Wait, what? Dad: I was thinking we could have the wedding then. He's not known for having a lot of tact."

12. "I'd have to go with the way my parents got married. Dad: Well when we get married... Mum: Oh, we're getting married? Dad: Yeah...Right? They've been married for 30 years."

Was your marriage proposal a memorable one?

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