Mum airs her anger after receiving the crappiest birthday present we've ever heard of.

We’ve all received a crap gift or two in our lives. Like that time your aunt bought you a barbecue cookbook even though you’ve been a vegetarian for seven years. Or the gift voucher to a store you’ve never set foot in.

Now, prepare to see those presents in a whole new light – because we’re willing to bet you have never received a gift this rubbish before.

A UK mum was this week disappointed to find her in-laws all “chipped in” to get her a $2.50 (£1.50) block of chocolate.

That’s right – a block of chocolate. Not even a box of chocolates. Not even bloody Ferrero Rochers. One single block.

Listen: We all know chipping in can be awkward. (Post continues)

The woman shared her dismay on parenting forum Mumsnet, posting in an ‘am I being unreasonable?’ thread.

“It was a significant birthday this weekend,” the mum explained.

“I’ve been married to (my husband) for 15 years. We don’t live near his family, but he made the effort to visit them whilst working nearby a few weeks back.”

The mum, who posted under the quite apt username of Pi55ed0ff on Sunday, said the family had made a “big deal” of him bringing the present back.

“He said it was probably jewellery by the size and shape of the gift and that they had all chipped in for it.”

Looks can be deceiving and the mum was taken aback to find her gift was something you could find at any supermarket and cost less than a takeaway coffee. Especially surprising given that her husband’s family consisted of “six working adults”.

“I opened it and it’s a bar of Green and Black’s chocolate.”


A fancy chocolate bar - but still, a chocolate bar. (Image via Instagram/greenandblacks.)

"I'm hiding my disappointment for (my husband's) sake.

"Am I being unreasonable to be upset that they made no effort whatsoever?"

No, we really don't think she is. Nor did anyone else in the forum, who chimed in with messages of support.

Others suggested the gift may be a joke, or there's something special hiding in the wrapper, or it's some sort of mistake.

For her sake, we really hope the real present is on its way.