Pregnant women share the worst baby names suggested by their partner.

Choosing a baby name that both you and your partner like can be a tricky business.

You have to navigate a tough line between agreeing on the perfect name, while at the same time not hurting their feelings when they come out with a… dud.

When they’ve had their heart set on said name for their entire life, it can be even harder.

But when one Reddit user shared the worst names her SO (significant other) has suggested, it prompted pregnant women everywhere to do the same. And they did NOT hold back.

You wanted to name me what? Image via iStock.

The woman wrote, "The names my SO has been suggesting for the baby are... really something. Can't tell if he's joking. Seriously... Ronathan. Annagail. Thom. GEDWARD. Help us out here."


Another woman wrote in response, "My husband suggested Nova and Chevelle for a boy....mainly because they are cars. He lost naming privileges."

Check out the complete list below, some of them are pretty, different.

What was the worst name your SO suggested during your pregnancy?

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