"They do sh*t like this." The story of a woman's LinkedIn photo shared by thousands.

“I don’t get how women can complain about how they get treated when they do shit like this.”

This is a comment from a boss in America, perusing LinkedIn for a potential new employee to hire.

Said ‘shit’ he is referring to?

The woman in question was wearing a grey t-shirt in her profile picture.

We’re talking run of the mill, high collar t-shirt.

How, dare she?

Wait for it…

An employee by the name of Sawyer posted a series of tweets about the interaction, which have since gone viral.

“I turned around to see what he was looking at,” Sawyer wrote, in response to his boss’s sharp remark.

“She was a nice looking woman, it was a head and shoulders shot of her wearing a grey t-shirt and smiling at the camera. It was as generic as they could get – which is what LinkedIn likes for profile pictures.”

“I was totally baffled and was like… shit like what?” wrote Sawyer.

Sawyer’s boss proceeded to enlarge the photo and repeat: “This!”

“Taking selfies?” Sawyer asked.

“Taking selfies like THAT,” the boss replied.

Still completely bamboozled, Sawyer asked him to explain.

“Just, like, slutty pictures,” he replied.

Sawyer clarifies in her story that literally the only skin the woman is showing in the picture is her face and her collarbones.


Still utterly confused, Sawyer’s boss started to get annoyed.

If a man lived like a woman for a day. Post continues after video.

Video by MMC

“I was getting annoyed back, so I told him to just explain what he meant.

“He talked for a minute about how if you’re going to post pictures like that, you deserve what you get. I was incredulous and reiterated to him that it was literally a picture of a smiling face.”

Sawyer and the boss went round and round in circles for a few more minutes.

“You know what I mean.”

“No, I literally don’t.”

Eventually Sawyer asked him to define what he meant by the word “slutty”.

“Way over the top sexy and obviously down to f*ck,” said the boss.

“What about that picture says that to you?” Sawyer asked.

“Well, she’s insanely hot,” he replied.

(Yep. really.)

“There it was,” wrote Sawyer.

“This man had seen a thumbnail picture of an attractive woman and decided that not only was she a sl*t but that her presumed behaviour meant she deserved any harassment or assault she experienced  – and felt this strongly enough to say it out loud, unprompted, at work.”

How dare this woman be attractive in a public space.

“Men, don’t ever ask women why they’re afraid again,” Sawyer said at the end of her story, in a thread that’s since been commented on and condemned by thousands, and retweeted by tens of thousands.

We’d love to say we’re shocked, but we’re not.

And that bloody sucks.