A safer way to run at night.

Images via Nightro Athletic.

One of the most dangerous things about cycling and running at night, aside from feeling threatened, is not being visible to oncoming traffic.

Since the majority of high-visibility safety gear available on the market isn’t the most stylish gear you can exercise in, Australian based start-up Nightro Athletic have developed a collection of reflective activewear.

Nightro Athletic uses conductive fabric to power wearable LED lights. The lightweight LEDs are attached to stand-out reflective t-shirts. If that makes absolutely no sense to you, this is what they look like.

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Founders and long-time friends Ari Segal and Ryan Savitz identified a gap in the market when Segal was training for a marathon.

“I’m a passionate runner, and wanted to provide night runners with the confidence to exercise in darker areas,” said Mr Segal.

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“High visibility over-vests are bulky, restrictive and daggy. Our range overcomes all of these constraints. The sleek design provides the user with the comfort as if the LED lights were never there,” said Mr Savitz.

Considering that statistics released by the Australian Road Deaths Database reveal that 70 pedestrian fatalities were recorded nationwide in 2013 as a result of road crashes after 6pm, we think this is a very good move from the Aussie entrepreneurs.

The pair have raised over $10,000 of their $40,000 goal, and you can support them over at Kickstarter here (get in before Dec 18).