24 hours with Bec Sparrow: Mum and Writer.

Rebecca Sparrow.




Over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you a series of ’24 hours with’ where we profile some very inspirational women.

Our first inspirational woman is our very own Mamamia Contributor Bec Sparrow.

When we asked Bec to describe her family in a nutshell, she came up with, “My husband and I work as executive assistants/sherpas to our five-year-old, two-year-old and eight-month-old baby.”

And that is why we think Bec is a woman worth noting. Not only is she a great mum to her three kids and her writing really hits the spot, she also takes everything with a dash of humour.

So we sat down with Bec to find out how she manages her time as a full time mum who works from home without going a bit loopy. This is her 24 hours.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Dove. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

First thing in the morning

Forget alarms. Fin, two years old, often wakes at 5am! Good times! Not really. From 5am-8.30am, it is a kind of blur of nappies, school uniforms, hair being brushed and plaited, breakfast being made (usually porridge or scrambled eggs), sight words practiced, more nappies being changed and lunchboxes being packed and Fin trying to put porridge on our dog’s head (Chewie is now in witness protection somewhere in Darwin). And somewhere amongst all of this I attempt to have a shower. This does not always happen. If I can at least get out of my pj’s and brush my hair, I consider myself to be winning.

Post school drop off

Bec with Ava

I’m a WAHM (work at home mother) and there is NO start or end to my workday. There is just me scrambling around trying to stop the 325 plates I have spinning in the air from smashing on the floor. If I’m lucky, my babysitter Sarah comes over in the morning (after school drop off) to play with Fin and Quincy, eight-month-old baby, so I can work or, you know, hang out the washing without a toddler and baby hanging off me. Some days, not often, both Fin and Quincy are asleep at the same time (YIPPEE) and I’ll try and write a column or answer emails or work on a book. Or sometimes, I just completely squander this window of opportunity by sitting down and watching Dr Phil.


The best part about my work is that writing makes me feel most like myself. It recharges my spirit and keeps me excited about life. It’s very easy as the mother of three small kids to get bogged down in the washing and ironing and cleaning and tidying and cooking… it’s relentless. Writing is something that is mine, which brings me immeasurable joy.

My ‘work day’ doesn’t finish until 10pm. And by this time I have made, oh, say, about 3,862 cups of tea and drunk only one of them. (I don’t drink coffee, I prefer tea.)

School pick up

I bundle Fin and Quincy into the car to collect Ava, five years old, from school and then I spend the next 90 mins trying to stop my small children from eating every item in the pantry. It’s intense. I’m outnumbered and I’m pretty sure my two-year-old could take me down.

As for dinner, I am the main one who cooks the family dinner.

Kids bed time

I’m pretty strict with bed times, so all the kids are in bed, asleep by 7pm at the very latest. That’s when my husband and I will have dinner, I’ll do some more work (answer emails mainly) and I may watch some TV. There’s not a great deal I’ve been watching this year so far…bring on The Voice!  Most often I am answering emails or writing columns.

Bed time

I go to bed at 11pm most nights. And I usually try to read a book on my iPad. I last about four minutes before I fall asleep.


Click through this gallery of Bec’s busy life:


Which woman inspires you?


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