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The 10 words women would most like to ban.


If you had the chance to ban one word, what would it be?



How about… panties?

Well a survey out of Britain endeavoured to ask 2,000 women what words they would outlaw if given the chance, and somehow these three options failed to make the top 10.

Monique Bowley, Mia Freedman and I discuss our word for 2017. None of us chose the word ‘panties’. Post continues below.

Instead, women would most like to get rid of terms that patronise and undermine them, particularly in the workplace.

Here are the top 10:

  1. Hormonal
  2. Drama queen
  3. Bitchy
  4. High maintenance
  5. Hysterical
  6. Ball breaker
  7. Diva
  8. Highly strung
  9. Mumsy
  10. Princess

Precisely zero per cent of these words are ever used as weapons against men, and therein lies the problem.

Other terms that made the top 20 include attention seeking, manipulative, sexy, sassy and feisty.

The survey also asked women what pet names they most resented, with bird topping the list.

I’ve never met a guy I like who frequently uses the word bird. It quite literally makes me feel like an animal.

Bird was closely followed by doll, with chick, baby and Queen Bee making up the top five.

You can listen to the full episode of Mamamia Out Loud here. 

What word would you want banned?