The new baby food range that answers our 'no added sugar' prayers.

Thanks to our brand partner, Woolworths

As a parent, life doesn’t stop. In fact, being a parent equals busy at a whole different level. The bonus is having a cute little human joining you in your daily tasks (as well as the adult human-sized bag you have to cart around with you to be equipped with all the necessities).

‘Mum/Dad Days’ are often loooooong, despite the cuteness, and can be quite hectic. There are commitments to keep, schedules to juggle, routines to establish and most importantly, fun to be had. Meal and snack times are a fundamental element of every day, no matter what is on the calendar.

So, fellow parents of tiny human eating machines aged six months and over, we have news that might help. News that will fill their tummies (and nappies too… but let’s focus on the positives first!).

There’s a new kid on the block in the baby food department, and it’s hitting Woolworths shelves right now.

We’re, like, Tom Cruise excited. via GIPHY

Yep, if you’re a parent on the hunt for convenient and tasty baby food with no added sugar, Woolies have listened to your prayers and launched a new range called Smiling Tums.

The sugar content is a clincher for so many of us nowadays, so it’s good to see that Woolworths Smiling Tums’ nine different products are naturally sweetened with fruit or veggies, just as Mother Nature intended.

The range covers everything from fruit, veggies, proteins, breakfast, even snacking. There is an option for every meal time and everything in between.

Here’s what they have:

  • Chicken and vegetables
  • Beef and vegetables
  • Apple, pea and zucchini
  • Sweet potato, carrot and parsnip
  • Apple, pear and cinnamon
  • Pear, banana and mango
  • Apple, banana and oats
  • Apple and strawberry fruit custard
  • Apple and banana fruit custard

What excited me the most when I heard of this new range was the fruit custards. These are unique in the market as they are naturally sweetened with fruit, with no added cane sugar or fruit juice concentrates.


Now if only they would make a mum-sized pouch for me. *hint, hint*

My thoughts exactly. via GIPHY

These kinds of baby meals saves so much time, so you can really enjoy your adventures together and meal time too… not to mention reducing the time and energy exerted with the dreaded meal prep. Products like Woolworths Smiling Tums really alleviate some of the stress that comes with food prep and being a parent on-the-go.

Whether it’s a ‘Play Date Day’ at the park or at a play centre, or the days I call ‘Yo-Yo Days’ where you and bub are in and out of the car, in and out of the pram, in and out of different places as you run errands around town, or perhaps it’s a ‘Lazy Day’ (not that parents should ever be described as ‘lazy’) at home; these hassle-free pouches make feeding your baby super-easy no matter what the situation. And they’re delicious and nutritious – check, check, check. *Visualises ticking check boxes*

The convenience (it comes in a BPA-free pouch) is sure to please even the most discerning of parents and their little ones. It is the perfect size – you can even pop them in your handbag or (often overstuffed!) baby bag.

The range of flavours should please even the most fussy kid, which we know is a MUST. *Flashbacks to my daughter spitting out my home-made mush, AKA chicken and vegetable casserole.*

The Woolworths Smiling Tums range, exclusively available at Woolworths won’t only bring a smile to your baby’s tum but to theirs and your face as well.

Have you tried it? What does your baby like to eat?


We understand how important a hassle free meal time is with your smiling bub. That’s why we’ve developed our Woolworths Smiling Tums baby food range. With No Added Sugar, the range is naturally sweetened with fruit or vegies and packed into convenient pouches - perfect to take on your adventures together.