Hollywood loves Woody Allen. His son thinks he should be locked up

Hollywood might have forgotten the abuse charges against Woody Allen, but his family have not…

At this week’s Golden Globe awards, legendary director Woody Allen was presented with the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award in front of an adoring crowd. Any actor worth their weight wants to work with him and he produces hit after hit after hit.

But here’s what you didn’t know about Woody Allen. Perhaps you’ve heard bits and pieces before but not with the magnitude of, say, Roman Polanski.

It was Allen’s ex-long-term-partner, actress Mia Farrow and their son Ronan who reminded the world of exactly what Woody Allen has done in his past and what he’s also been accused of.

Ronan and Mia

These two tweets appeared in quick succession during the Golden Globe awards as the montage of his work appeared:

Son Ronan then added:

Farrow then tweeted this the following day:

Their angry tweets left everyone knowing exactly how they feel about the famed director and writer.

That is, they hate his guts. Here's the back story:

He left Mia Farrow to continue a romantic relationship with her adopted daughter, his step daughter

When Mia Farrow and Woody Allen got together, she brought with her seven children from a former marriage to Andre Previn, three biological and three adopted including a daughter from Korea named Soon-Yi. Together they adopted two more children and had one biological child, Ronan.

When Woody Allen left Mia Farrow it was so he could be with Soon-Yi. His ex-stepdaughter is now his wife. Farrow found out about it when she found nude photos of her adopted daughter, then 19 and he was 56 at the time.

Woody Allen and wife Soon-Yi

He left the children from his relationship with Farrow devastated by his actions

He and Soon-Yi destroyed their family in their wake, with little regard. Stepson Allen said at the time, "It turned our world upside down. It was nothing you would wish on anyone... To my siblings and me, you thought of [Allen] as another dad. It can disrupt your foundation in the world. It resets the parameters of what is possible."

He has been accused of molesting another adopted daughter when she was just seven

In 1992 another daughter accused Woody Allen of sexually assaulting her. Dylan, adopted by Farrow and Allen, was seven when she told her mother that she'd been molested by him.

She described the incident to Vanity Fair, saying, "According to her account, she and Daddy went to the attic (not really an attic, just a small crawl space off the closet of Mia's bedroom where the children play), and Daddy told her that if she stayed very still he would put her in his movie and take her to Paris. He touched her "private part." Dylan said she told him, "It hurts. I'm just a little kid." Then she told Mia, "Kids have to do what grown-ups say." There was an extensive investigation however not enough evidence was found to bring charges.

Despite Dylan's wishes, he continues to try and contact her

Allen still tries to contact her. Dylan still experiences crippling fear when she sees even pictures of him but despite her reluctance, he sent her photos of them together with a note saying, "I thought you'd want some pictures of us, and I want you to know that I still think of you as my daughter, and my daughters think of you as their sister. Soon-Yi misses you."

It was signed "Your father."

Did you know all this about Woody Allen? Does it change your opinion of his work?

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