"It pisses me off." Boyfriend's epic Facebook rant about "bullsh*t" women's clothing sizes.

Benjamin Cooper, a “pissed off” boyfriend from Pennsylvania, has had it UP TO HERE with “bullshit” women’s clothing sizes.

Taking out his frustration in an epic Facebook rant, Benjamin explains he was shocked by the fact that his girlfriend, who is of medium build, has been wearing the size ‘extra large’.

Benjamin was struck by the fact that his girlfriend has been wearing the size 'extra large'. (Image via Facebook)

"So I'm helping my girlfriend clean out her closet (literally, shut up), and I noticed that a lot of what she was getting rid of was of the XL size. That didn't look right to me, and here's why:

"They fit me. I don't say that to be silly or ironic." He wrote, adding: "It pisses me off."

A size 'S' or 'M' in men's clothes, Benjamin was shocked to find that he fits snugly into the women's XL size: "I am not an extra large man, and, more importantly, a woman my size is NOT an extra large woman.

"This bullshit right here is why we have 8 year olds with eating disorders. This shit right here is why men shout "fucking fat hog!" at even nominally curvy girls on the street."

His now viral post, which has racked up over 275,000 shares in less than a week, wraps up with a comment on the sexist undertones of women's fashion sizes.

"This is why men who think sexism is a "myth" perpetuated by liberal pussies are Full. Of. Shit.

"F*ck body shaming." Hear hear, Benjamin Cooper. Hear hear.

Do you agree with Benjamin - are women's clothing sizes incorrect? Let us know in the comments below.

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