There's a pride group for your lazy winter habit

Image via The Hairy Legs Club

A wise soul once composed the most perfect and completely accurate definition of winter:

When the cold weather arrives, the smoothness of women's legs is usually its first casualty. On freezing mornings, who can be bothered to drag a razor up their legs, especially when those legs are only going to be encased in jeans, stockings or leggings for the rest of the day? Having hairy legs in winter is just a fact of life for many of us - societal expectations be damned.

But have you ever considered chucking out the razor or wax strips for good? You wouldn't be alone; in fact, you'd be in very good company.

Introducing The Hairy Legs Club - a Tumblr account and fashion blog offering a positive space for ladies whose legs - and other body parts - don't resemble the ones you see on Gilette ads.

Women from various countries have proudly shared photos of their fuzzy legs, accompanied by their reasons for not removing body hair - these include political statements, self-acceptance, resistance of societal beauty ideas and just not wanting to bother.

The Hairy Legs Club's founder, Sarah, encourages readers to submit questions for her to ask, and often reassures women about their decision to stop shaving (and shuts down idiots who stop by to tell her how "gross" the movement is).

In one response to a reader, Sarah writes:

"I think it’s important to remember that body hair is natural. And the only ones who made it unnatural is the media set to dehumanise women. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look the way you look, if men can walk around with hair everywhere and are still expected to be loved than why can’t you?"

She makes a valid point.

Click through this gallery to check out some of the submissions to The Hairy Legs Club. If you'd like to show off your hairy legs, leave a comment below!


Would you submit your leg fuzz to the Hairy Legs Club?

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