"I just said 'Jocelyn' and she stood up": Women describe the moment they found Jocelyn.

After an exhaustive 22-hour search, Kylie Maudsley and Bree Johnson were the ones who found missing five-year-old Jocelyn Lewis.

The pair were sent by police to search for the little girl at Worongory, an industrial area just south of Nerang, where the Lewis family live.

It was a ‘long shot’, but one that paid off when Jocelyn emerged from an area of tall grass at the sound of her name being called.

The area, renowned for brown snakes, had reportedly been searched four or five times earlier in the day with no luck.

“It was a big field, and I just said ‘Jocelyn’ and she stood up,” Maudsley told

“She just said ‘Here I am’. I just called out once and she just stood up. It was a needle in a haystack. It was in the middle of the highway and a railroad track.”

Jocelyn’s relieved dad speaking to the media yesterday (post continues after video):


Understandably, the women were “a mess” by the time they called Triple 0 to let police know Jocelyn had been found, Maudsley said.

“We were both panicked and were shaking and trying to keep it together,” she told Gold Coast Bulletin.

They kept the little girl occupied while waiting for the authorities to arrive.

“She had scratches on her, little cuts on her toes and she was saying she was cold, she was shaking,” Johnson said.

“I just wanted to hug her,” Maudsley added.

“After about five minutes she said ‘I want Mummy and Daddy’.”

Jocelyn in the arms of her relieved father Steve. Source: Seven News

After a short ride in a police car — and a handful of subway Cookies — Jocelyn was in the arms of her relieved parents.

Police said she was in "remarkable condition" for a young girl who'd spent nearly 24 hour "out and about".

"I was getting very concerned that it was going to go the other way," Jocelyn's father Steve told reporters yesterday.

Feature image: Queensland Police Service/