Women do not need a man with them to purchase a car.

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When it came to purchasing my first car I knew exactly what I wanted. It was a shiny Blue Mazda 3. Parking sensors, tinted windows, alloy wheels and an amazing sound system were all a must. I was still at uni at the time but determined to save up enough to fulfil my dream of having that ticket to personal freedom.

I worked and worked and worked and eventually, I had saved up enough money to start looking for that first ever car. I did all of the research, I asked all of the questions, I went to all of the dealerships, I looked at all of the online ads and I found out all of the information.

But then I quickly found as soon as I would step foot onto a dealership, I would be met with looks of confusion by the sales assistants, as though I was a sheep who had lost its way from the herd. One young gentleman even asked if I’d like to return with my dad or my partner or you know, any other MAN because I quite clearly wasn’t one. It’s safe to say that he didn’t get my business, not on that day or any other.

Women are buying and selling cars every day. That’s the truth.

Women are more often than not, the decision makers behind these big purchases. We’re making so many decisions on a daily basis and what we use to get ourselves or our families from A to B is no exception. It’s true for myself and true for many other women.

"Women are buying and selling cars every day. That’s the truth." Image: iStock

Speaking to mum of two, Daniela Da Costa, she says her input in deciding on a car to purchase with her husband was paramount.

“I knew I wanted a brand new car because with two young children, I was concerned about safety on the road,” Daniela said. “For that reason, I started searching for a trusted brand that had a good safety record. I compiled a list of all of the models I was considering in different brands and ran it by my husband.”

The mum of two even went on to explain that her husband didn’t feel he needed to test drive the car, giving her full reign over what car they decided to purchase.

“We went to the dealership together and I test drove it with my husband in the passenger seat. He didn’t even bother getting behind the wheel because we both knew I’d be the one who was mainly using it. He wanted me to be happy with the decision and gave me full autonomy,” she shared.


For Anita Byrnes, who recently purchased a second hand car with her husband, her expectations of a car were also crucial in the decision making process.

“My main factor in deciding on the right car was the ANCAP safety rating. I wasn’t going to settle for any less than a five,” Anita explained. “I was also looking for a style that was both modern and sleek.”

Anita was mindful of purchasing a car from a reputable seller as she and her husband were planning on going with a second hand model. The young Sydney woman gave her partner a list of specifications and went about searching for a new vehicle. With Anita’s comprehensive list they found a new car almost immediately and she gave the final tick of approval before the purchase went ahead.

“My main factor in deciding on the right car was the ANCAP safety rating." Image: iStock

Buying stories like that of Daniela and Anita are not uncommon. Women are often on the lookout for that perfect vehicle and they know exactly what they want.

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What was your experience when buying your first car?

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