Jesinta Campbell: The best asset we have for equality is each other.

Some of Australia’s most famous women have come together to discuss topics as diverse as infertility, postnatal depression and “having it all” for International Women’s Day.

The Women in Conversation video series was created by David Jones in celebration of International Women’s Day, and it features some of the country’s most successful and well-known women.

Gretel Killeen, Lucy Turnbull, Jesinta Campbell, Lisa Wilkinson and Jessica Rowe are just some of the 18 inspiring women to appear on the film.

Together they cover the biggest issues facing Aussie women today - from fertility to postnatal depression, motherhood, women at work, "having it all" and everything in between.

Jessica Rowe opened up about her struggles with postnatal depression:

"When I was lucky enough to fall pregnant with Allegra, to me that was one of the happiest days of my life. But because of the pressure I had put on myself to fall pregnant . . . I then put an extraordinary amount of
pressure on myself to be the perfect mum. When it didn't unfold the way I hoped it would unfold, and I felt
very differently to how I imagined I would feel I really struggled with that. I thought to myself, what right do I have to complain, what right do I have to say I'm doing it tough, when I knew how much I had longed and
yearned for this baby. So it was a really difficult thing for me to say I had postnatal depression," she said.

Jessica Rowe speaks out about her PND.

And Gretel Killeen dropped some truth bombs surrounding the pressure put on women to have it all:

"One of the things we were raised with is the notion of the Superwoman . . . and we were meant to be
perfect. And it's only now . . . that it's actually imperfection that draws other people to you."

The video is a must see - and it's the perfect way to mark International Women's Day, celebrate women's achievements and highlight the struggles we all still face.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing women today?