Women from around the world have shared their raw birth moments and it's just beautiful.

Birth Becomes Her is a website aiming to share the beauty of births from around the world.

We believe there is POWER in seeing how other people give birth around the world,’ their website reads.

‘We believe there is BEAUTY in all types of birth. We are not afraid of sharing and celebrating all stages of the birth process.’

In their powerful video, originally made for Mothers Day 2017 (watch it at the top of this post), Birth Becomes Her contacted birth photographers from around the world.

Listen: Rebecca Judd and Tiffiny Hall share their open, honest birth stories on our pregnancy podcast. Post continues after audio. 

They asked for video footage of the births they’d shot during their careers. Not the curated, post-birth shots where the clean baby rests on its mother’s bosom.


The 'moment of birth'. Image via Birth Becomes Her.

Rather, website founders Jennifer Mason and Monet Moutrie - the site's founders - wanted footage of the 'most powerful' moment a birth photographer is able to capture...

They wanted the 'moment of birth'.

Jennifer and Monet wanted us to see the beauty in a process usually hidden from the public eye, on the grounds of being 'too confronting'.

They certainly succeeded.

You can watch the video at the top of this post. 

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