Gabriella was walking home when a woman ran towards her and whispered something chilling.

It’s an experience all women carry.

You’re walking home late at night, keys clutched in hand as you look over your shoulder every few minutes, just in case somebody is lurking in the shadows.

But for some women, there actually is someone there when they turn around.

Sharing her experience on Twitter, Gabriella Rich wrote about how she had helped a female stranger escape a stalker while walking home in New Jersey.

“Last night some girl came running up to me whispering ‘please pretend to be my friend this man has been following me for 6 blocks’,” the 22-year-old tweeted.

Gabriella hugged the stranger, leading the man to give up and turn around to walk the other way.

According to Buzzfeed NewsGabriella then walked the woman to her destination and the pair exchanged numbers, so they could ensure they both got home safely.

Gabriella’s tweet quickly went viral, gaining over 110,000 retweets and prompting other women to share their horrific stories of being chased, stalked and even physically grabbed by random men on the street.



But among the horrifying stories of women being followed and stalked, there were uplifting ones about women supporting other women – even helping complete strangers.



Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Gabriella shared why she chose to share her experience on social media.

“I simply just wanted to tell other females to always be safe because I can’t change a man’s mind, I can only protect women,” she said.

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Have you ever been followed or stalked?