It has elegance, it has finesse, it has style. So why aren't women buying it?

Just like fashion, music or art, beer is constantly evolving.





Beer. Its definition is relatively straightforward: an alcoholic beverage made from malted grain, fermented by yeast and flavoured with hops; yet, when this simple four-lettered word is uttered and depending on what circles you travel in, the word beer can conjure up many different images. Beer, that historical beverage is unfortunately to many, a commoditised drink only reserved for the pub, the barbie and the boys.

In my beer world though, it has elegance, it has finesse, it has style. Just like fashion, music and art, beer is constantly evolving and a finely crafted brew can evoke as much of an emotional response as anything else that is appreciated, be it an incredible pair of Chloe heels, a vintage Chanel handbag (neither of which I can afford, mind you!) or the hauntingly beautiful London Grammar album.

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You can’t possibly be a lady like me if you like beer!

This may seem unorthodox coming from a female, but I, like the other females who are responsible for approximately 15 per cent of the total beer consumption in Australia, have experienced another, more sophisticated side to beer. Let me tell you though, sometimes it can be tough, and admittedly a little lonely, sitting on our little island with the roars of the other 85 per cent of women who “don’t like beer”. I have even been told, in very loud voices so as to be sure to be heard by anyone in the vicinity and on numerous occasions, that I am incredibly unladylike if I drink beer. A big statement and one I am sure is done for these lady’s benefits just to ensure they are perceived as the epitome of femininity.

So why is beer so unappealing to some women? It’s definitely not the beer itself as I have proven time and time again when I have offered up a range of beer styles, each with its own breadth of flavour and complexity, and never have I not been able to find a beer for a non-beer loving lass. “I didn’t know beer could taste like this”, “I’m excited now that I have found a beer I like”. The rumblings of a beer epiphany are music to my ears.


So apart from selecting beers most of these women haven’t tried before (and they are not beers only found in exclusive beer dens, but generally in most bottle shops), what is it that gets them over the amber line? It’s putting style into beer; the right setting, the right story and the right glass. These three elements are critical to the female beer experience.

“Drinkies” reciting stories around the beer they sell and holding your hand as you take a leap of faith over the beer hurdle.

There has never been a better time to enjoy a night out, the range of small bars radiating understated coolness in all of our cities are creating welcoming and sophisticated havens of good beer. And whilst many position themselves to be all about cocktails, these venues also seem to have pretty decent beer lists. As a bonus, these venues hire passionate “drinkies” who can recite a great story around anything they sell, beer included. They will offer tastings if your wavering on committing to an entire glass and will hold your hand as you take a leap of faith over the beer hurdle.

They also have incredibly beautiful glassware and this to me, is the single most important element of good beer style. Stemmed glassware is fabulous, allowing for the complex aromatics to shine in the beer, which of course leads to greater enjoyment and appreciation. These glasses also scream elegance, a word that is not always associated with beer, though if more chose to revisit how they’re serving their beers, could change the whole image of beer for the better. I always ask for a venue’s nicest wine glass for my beer, and on goes the light in the bartender’s eyes. Try it, it really does make such a difference and you will be the most stylish beer sipper around.

Here’s a little something to get you into a more sophisticated head space:

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