This is what women are... according to stock photos.


Here at Mamamia, we often draw upon stock photos to illustrate our articles.

For example. An article about the explosion of social soccer = stock photo of soccer ball.

Or an article about how superfoods can improve your life = stock photo of a yummy green smoothie.

That said – stock photos can be, to say the least, a little bit hit and miss. Take this tumblr entirely dedicated to documenting the stock photo phenomenon of women laughing alone with salad. Or these hilarious examples of stock photographs that are so awful they are pretty much unusable.

When sourcing some images for a story recently, the MM Team noticed that there were some clear themes when it came to searching for stock images of women. Apparently we spend a whole heap of time smiling with our arms crossed, or spend our days looking permanently carefree with windblown hair.

Check out our gallery below of the ridiculous results stock photo sites return when you simply search the term ‘woman.’ And try not to laugh too hard.

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