Can you spot the odd detail in this woman's selfie that's got everybody's mind blown?

At first glance, this woman’s sexy bedroom selfie looks normal enough. I mean, who hasn’t messed around with their camera like this?

But some hawk-eyed social media users have noticed something very unusual about the black-and-white photo.

The image has since gone viral as baffled people try to find the anomaly for themselves.

Can you see it it?

Take a look at the full image.

Hint: it's part of the woman herself.


Alright then, we'll put you out your misery.

Upon closer inspection, you will notice the woman has five fingers on her right hand.

('Cause remember, most of us only have four. Your thumb is not a finger, people. Let's not argue.)

The photo actually dates back a decade but has only just resurfaced.

It was initially posted in 2003 on online graphic community DevianArt with the title 'Look Carefully'. So it's very possible this is a sneaky photoshop job.

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But I just want to add, there's nothing actually wrong with the image like some people have been spouting.

She still looks completely normal, with or without the extra finger.

Not to mention, how handy would it be to have that fifth finger?

Texting, typing, catching Pokemon -- all infinitely made easier.