Piers Morgan accidentally issues challenge to all women when he talked about 'manning up'.

Last week Piers Morgan announced via a tweet that he would be hosting Good Morning Britain with three broken ribs.

Which would have been fine – just fine – if Morgan had not directed his comments at ‘fragile snowflakes’ and claimed this was an example of ‘manning up’.

As Julia Baird explained in her Sydney Morning Herald column this was like waving a red flag at a bull, because women ‘man up’ all the time.

The hashtag #womanningup began to trend when a US National Public Radio broadcaster replied to Morgan’s tweet, revealing she had hosted a radio show while she was in labour.

Then other women shared their stories.

One woman settled a case in court one hour before giving birth, another anchored newscasts during both her labours, one woman started a non-profit after her child was murdered, and another trained and performed as a dancer while undergoing chemotherapy for stage 3 ovarian cancer.





Now that’s womanning up, Piers.

Do you have your own womanning up story? Share it in the comments below. 

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