Video of a woman twerking with a toddler has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

A young Brazilian woman has been branded a pervert on Facebook after a video of her twerking with a toddler was shared online.

The clip shows the woman twerking in a low squat with the giggling boy hugging her from behind, copying her moves.

Both the woman and the person filming are heard laughing. It’s unclear whether the dancing woman is the boy’s mother.

The video was shared on Facebook by Daniel Canicio, who was outraged by the clip.

“What’s going on with this planet? How do you do to get back everything and start from scratch?” Canicio questioned.

“I’m not a moralist, but when you realize that there are people who think this is funny and cool, you realize that the planet is really sick.”

The video has been viewed about 2 million times since it was posted by Canicio on Saturday.

Commenters are furiously divided over whether the behaviour is appropriate. Some have gone so far as to accuse the woman of child abuse, labelling her a pervert and a paedophile, the Daily Mail reports.

One wrote: “If I were a man doing that with a little girl, it would be pedophilia! To me she’s on the same level!”

Images via Facebook.

Another remarked: "Just wait a moment ...How did this child learn this? Doesn't this count as this indecent exposure, or even paedophilia?"

"Lack of shame, this child doesn't even know what you are doing is not evil at all in the heart, that's ridiculous," someone agreed.

Others defended the woman, describing the act as innocent and pointing out the "child has no concept, must be about 3 years old."

"Many comments nothing to see. Each and every one knows how to raise their son, and I don't really see anything too much (here). Just a joke," another commented.

And really, is a twerking tot so bad? Sonny Blake demonstrates this perfectly...