How Cloe Jordan's bikini selfies saved her life.

Cloe Jordan hadn’t thought a lot about the effects of sun exposure, regularly hopping into tanning beds to achieve sun-kissed skin for her bikini selfies.

It was while looking at one of these selfies – taken more than a year prior- that the 21-year-old noticed something disturbing. A mole that had been on her stomach since birth had changed – a lot.

The UK woman told Caters News that she “didn’t take much notice” when the mole had started to change last summer, and it was only when she looked at the old photo that she realised how different the mole had become.

Still, the Wolverhampton woman wasn’t too worried when went to the doctor to get the mole checked out – until the doctor grew concerned as he heard the mole was changing in size and colour.

Cloe underwent tests on the mole and was devastated to discover it was actually melanoma – a potentially deadly form of skin cancer.

A few months ago the mole was removed – as well as the cancer that had grown beneath her skin – but Cloe may need further treatment.

Last week the 21-year-old posted a selfie of a different kind on Instagram, sharing an image of her scarred stomach to warn others of the dangers of tanning.

“I have never really been someone to frequently use sunbeds and expose myself to sun however I am guilty of doing it every now and again,” she wrote.

“Seriously guys jumping on the bed for that quick 10 minute holiday is really not worth it.”

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Cloe told Caters News that if sharing her experiences stopped one person from indoor tanning, then it would be worthwhile.

“I will never lay in the sun again and would much rather stick to a bottle of fake tan or have a spray tan than damage my skin.”

She also urged anyone with concerns about changes to their skin to go to the doctor and have themselves checked out.

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“It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

In an emotional Instagram post, she told followers she was “so distraught at what cancer has done to me”.

“This horrible disease has ruined my body and will be forever leaving a scar to remind me how important it is to look after yourself.”

“I can’t stress enough how much you need to look after your body guys!”

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Do you take the risk of skin cancer seriously?

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