Mum's mysterious text messages before dying alongside her husband and son in house fire.

Police are not ruling out a murder-suicide after a woman, her husband and her young son were found dead in the same bed in their burnt-out home.

Mamamia previously reported the bodies of Tiago, 30, and 41-year-old Adriana Nunes and their son, Tiago, 6, were found after Tiago failed to arrive at his job as a gardener the next day, and it’s believed a fire had burned all night while the family slept.

It’s been revealed that Adriana sent a series of cryptic messages to her sister-in-law in the hours before the blaze.

Image via Facebook.

"She texted me. The message said 'goodbye', but I deleted it because I was very upset," Cecilia Nunes, 44, told The Sun.

"Another said ‘thank you very much family for my birthday'. I think that’s strange because we didn’t send any birthday message. I can’t believe what happened."

The bodies of the family were found by Tiago's employer. Image via Facebook.

Adriana had posted on Facebook that she missed her "beautiful Chile" a week before her death.

Police are still investigating what caused the fire, and are not ruling out the possibility of murder-suicide, arson or an accident.

"They were very well known and lovely people. I'm in shock," a local woman told The Mirror of how the news was affecting the small town.

Image via Facebook.

Adriana and Tiago had been married for 10 years, and had lived in the cottage, located on the farm of a retired lawyer, for four years.

Those close to the family of three have posted messages of grief online.

"My heart hurts too much!" Adriana's brother, Guilherme Alexandre Herrera Cruz, wrote on Facebook.

"I expected too much live close and you were gone! May God comfort us! Without words!"

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