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A Brisbane woman racked up a $750 hairdressing bill then did a runner. The Internet found her.

After spending roughly four hours in a Kelvin Grove salon getting her hair done, a Brisbane woman popped out to ‘quickly move her car’, never to return, and leaving her hairdresser to foot her $750 bill.

It’s an expensive haircut, sure, but the woman copped a full head of hair extensions, colour corrections and more, according to owner of the salon, Mia Buchanan, who took to Facebook to launch a (wo)man hunt for the alleged thief.

“You know where the salon is located, you spent a lot of time with us today so do the right thing and pay for the services that were provided,” she wrote, “feeling disappointed”.

The woman who left a fake name and number has since been identified, thanks to the post, and is apparently wanted for a slew of offences.

“Running off from a small business without paying for hair services is the least of her problems” Buchanan wrote in an update.

“I’m a small-business owner and a single mum with two kids,” she told the Courier Mail.

“It’s just not right.

“I don’t know how they can spend four hours in a chair, be so personal with someone and then just do that.”

From now on she’ll be asking people to leave something behind when they move their cars, she says.

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Feature image: Uniq Hair Facebook