Is this is the WORST thing that could happen in a job interview? We think yes.

Commitment/insanity, tom-ay-toes/tom-ah-toes.

In what could easily be described as worst job interview in history, a woman in the UK has reportedly staged a 90 minute sit-in after being rejected during an interview.

According to the Manchester police department, the authorities were called when the (somewhat persistent) woman refused to leave the site after being told she was not up to the job.

The Manchester Evening News reports that the woman allegedly said: “Go on! Call the police!” after failing to bring her passport that as requested in the job advertisement.

The woman had obviously come to her senses shortly after as she had reportedly left the site by the time police arrived.

And while she might not have nabbed the position, she has certainly gained fans across social media with many praising her persistence and commitment.

That’s what employers want, after all.

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