A woman made bread using yeast from her vagina and ate it.

You might even say, she rose to the challenge…

The feminist blogger who was ambitiously baking a loaf of sourdough with the excess yeast from her vaginal thrush infection has succeeded.

For those unfamiliar with Zoe Stavri’s journey, you can read about it here (and also find the recipe, which you’re obviously gagging for).

Stavri posted an update on her Twitter account yesterday, saying that yes, she had baked her #cuntsourdough, yes she had eaten and yes, she was still alive, but thanks for asking.

On her blog she explained the final steps of the baking process.

“I used ice cubes to create steam in the oven, making sure they were appropriate for the occasion,” she wrote.

“For kneading the dough, I wore gloves: after all, wouldn’t it be absolutely disgusting if some human DNA were to make its way into my sourdough?

“Over 1000 bacteria live naturally on human skin and what if they, like, grew in there and made me ill?”

Safety first etc.

The right cubes for the job. Image: Another angry woman

As I’ve already told you, after a good while in the oven, the experiment was a success, after all, “did you expect it to sprout pubes?”

The people of Twitter were rightly impressed:

Anyway, fresh bread needs fresh toppings, obviously, but sadly Stavri did not make her own Vegemite.

“That shit is really fiddly, and I cannot be arsed,” she explained.

She did, however, make bruschetta:

Can’t tell if mozzarella or…

Jokes, no, Stavri’s thrush has compeltely cleared up:

“Fine, thank you for asking. Immediately after harvesting (i.e. on Saturday), I cracked out the Canesten and nuked it. My nethers are now pleasantly back in balance.”

But that leaves the big question: how did it taste?

“It tasted like a pretty damn nice sourdough bread,” she wrote.

“Not the tangiest sourdough I’ve ever eaten, but solidly tasty. I really, really liked it. After having a little bite, I ate a slice with butter. The bread was still slightly warm and the butter soaked in and it was absolutely heavenly.

“Several friends who know exactly what I’ve been doing have expressed an interest in eating some, so I’ll probably have them round for tea sometime.”

As the old adage goes, when life gives you thrush, make sourdough. Then turn it into bruschetta.