Watch this woman knitting from her vagina. No, that wasn't a typo.


Casey Jenkins is an Australian artist and former ‘craftivist’ (an activist, but with craft – obviously).

Her latest project is a performance art piece, in which she knits with wool from her vagina.

I said she knits with wool from her vagina.

It’s something to do with feminism and creativity and confronting us with the power of womanhood words words Yoko Ono Georgia O’Keefe words words etc etc. Which I totally respect. I do. Jenkins says that she hopes the project makes people “question the fears and negative associations they have with the vulva,” which is an important discussion we should always be encouraging.

But she is also knitting from her vagina. And when a woman is knitting from her vagina, all anybody really wants to see is said woman knitting from her vagina.

So here is a woman knitting from her vagina:

This originally aired on The Feed, which airs 7:30 weeknights on SBS2.




And while you’re in a vagina mood, here’s a gallery of things that accidentally look like vaginas. Because mature:





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