The horrifying moment a woman is dragged off by a tiger captured on CCTV.

Warning: The above video may be distressing for some viewers.

A woman was mauled to death by tigers and another seriously injured after leaving their vehicle while driving through a Chinese wildlife park.

It’s believed the pair were in midst of a family argument at Beijing Badaling Wildlife when the younger woman climbed out of the car and was taken by a tiger, according to Nine News.

CCTV footage of the incident shows the horrifying moment the woman is dragged off.

The second woman can be seen chasing after her relative, which is when she was reportedly killed.

The two women were with a man — who also tried to help — and a small child, both were uninjured.

Personnel rushed to their aid, but were too late.

The injured woman is recovering in hospital.

Visitors are allowed to drive through the park, safari-style, in their own vehicles, but are warned not to disembark at any point.

The park has had at least one previous tiger attack in 2014, when a security guard was mauled to death.