A woman has accidentally joined the search party that is looking for her.

Except not really.

“Joining my own search party” can be added to the list of things that almost nobody will ever do, except for a woman on a vacation in Iceland, who actually spent hours in a search party looking for, um, herself.

The Toronto Sun has reported that the woman was part of a group travelling through Iceland on a bus tour. When the bus pulled into a rest-stop for a break, she went to the bathroom to freshen up.

That’s where the confusion started:

The woman in question must have been looking pretty terrible on the bus because when she came out of the bathroom after fixing herself up and changing her clothes, nobody recognised her. And when word of a missing passenger spread throughout the group, she didn’t even recognise the description of herself.

Nope, I’m not over there.

Fifty people formed a search party to search for the ‘missing woman’. The woman, wanting to help, joined the search party, which covered vast amounts of land on foot and in cars. The coast guard was even preparing an emergency chopper.

There was no sign of the woman, and people were panicking.

Then: A miracle!

At about 3am, somebody realised that the woman they were searching for was not only accounted for, but in the search party and searching for herself.

It hasn’t been confirmed if she was the one who realised she was looking for herself, or if somebody else managed to piece together the complex puzzle.

Here’s hoping it was her – then she can be the only person in history to be able to literally say that she ‘found herself’. (ZING!)

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