She was filmed yelling "I'm pregnant" as she dangled by her fingers

It’s the terrifying footage seen around the world.

A woman hanging from a window ledge with her fingertips at the Bataclan theatre in Paris.

The sounds of gunshots can be heard as she shouts “Je suis enceinte” or “I am pregnant” in French to those nearby.

Now it has emerged that the woman and her baby survived the horrifying ordeal and the man who saved her has since come forward.

The footage of the woman hanging from the window ledge (Warning: this video might be distressing for some viewers):

Video via Bojack Horseman

Initially, although caught on camera, it was not known who helped the woman.

One of her friends, Frans Torreele, told The Huffington Post France: “She wanted to thank everyone who helped her, in particular the man who quickly held out his hand and help her back up.”

However, after a Twitter campaign, the woman was able to reach out to the man who saved her, Sebastien Besatti.

The Tweet shared by thousands explains that the pregnant woman hanging from the window at the Bataclan wished to find the man who saved her. They asked for him to get in contact through Twitter or mail and added that the woman was doing well before requesting journalists not to contact her. Source Twitter/@__F_A_T__

Besatti spoke to La Provence about his decision to help the woman (who has asked not to be identified), explaining that he passed the window and the pregnant woman asked him to help get her inside, and “that’s what I did”.

Torreele told Huffington Post France, “Thanks to the Twitter announcement, the brother of the man who helped emailed me.”

“I spoke to my friend and made sure this was the right person, and they exchanged numbers. He too is doing well, and that’s essentially what we wanted to know.”

Torreele told Huffington Post France that his friend was saved “thanks to a succession of small gestures, a little bit of attention, and, in this moment of total craziness, these minuscule gestures accomplished big things.

“That’s what my friend wants people to know. It’s hard to imagine how merely holding out a hand, or putting a hand on a shoulder can save people. These people should thank each other, should hold each other in their arms.”