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A man "grabbed and stroked" Ariana on a plane. She live-tweeted everything that happened next.

The experience of a woman who was “grabbed and stroked” by a male passenger while boarding a flight perfectly exemplifies why women so often stay silent when if comes to reporting assault.

Ariana Lenarsky live-tweeted everything that happened in the aftermath of the incident, which took place while she was boarding a flight from Austin, Texas yesterday.

Lenarsky went straight to airline staff and was told another woman had already come forward with a complaint — about the same dude.


The flight attendants told the captain who filed a report with the airline and told he’d face local authorities on the ground.


She wasn’t particularly moved by their response.

The man was taken off the plane by police, who took reports from the two women and labelled what they described as “battery”.

The man allegedly tried to kiss the other woman.


Because it happened in the air, she was told the FBI would be involved if she decided to press charges.

Meanwhile Lenarsky was told she’d have to fly all the way back to Texas.

She was also told the man would receive a “talking to” and not to worry because although it might be “battery”, “it’s not the crime of the century”.


Basically, Lenarsky left feeling exhausted, “ridiculous” and embarrassed and the dude who touched her body without her consent…well, he just left.