Woman in labour gives birth on a motorbike without even knowing.


Alright. We have to tell you a story. A true story.

Brace yourselves. (Don’t worry. Happy ending, etc)

A pregnant woman was rushed to hospital in the Chinese province of Guangdong on the back of her husband’s motorbike.

It was probably a little more difficult than this.

On the journey, she cried out to her husband, ‘the baby is coming!’, so he drove faster. They reached the hospital.

Except in Chinese.

Doctors noticed blood on the woman’s legs, a broken umbilical cord, a placenta…

…but no baby.

Even House is shocked.

Everyone then realised that the baby was born during the motorbike journey, and slipped out of the woman’s pants. The bumpy ride would have broken the umbilical cord.


Doctors and the father backtracked along the highway, and found the baby ALIVE AND WELL three kilometres down the road, in the arms of three men who had found the baby boy on the highway.


The baby was treated for minor superficial injuries, but was pretty much fine.

More amazing stories: A runner survived 24 hours lost in the bush by drinking her own breast milk.

Yes. That actually happened. Mr Li, Ms Qi, and their resilient baby boy.

He’ll probably be a superhero. Or a bikie.

Or a demon. Either way, he’s pretty impressive.