It's a boy! Woman gives birth and it's broadcast on Facebook Live.

A couple from California have live-streamed the birth of their child on Facebook.

Fakamalo Kihe Eiki broadcast 45 minutes of his wife’s labour – including the final moment when they first met their baby boy.

The video, which was simply captioned – “Let’s try pushing baby out” – has been seen by over 23,000 people.

Video via Facebook.

Eiki can be heard encouraging his wife as the hospital staff also assist with the delivery.

“He’s hairy. He’s got so much hair,” he said as the baby started to show.

Facebook friends also got in on the action with one posting:  “You can do it, PUSSSSH.”

"Thanks guys for enjoying the gift of life with me," Eiki said on Facebook.

He said he is planning a BBQ to celebrate the birth.