Grandmother finds missing toddler in her own home, minutes after reading a plea on Facebook.

A grandmother was scrolling through Facebook in her home in Rotorua, New Zealand, when she came across a post about a missing toddler.

To her surprise, she found the missing child in her own home just minutes later.

“I was just hopping onto Facebook and having a browse through and see this baby missing and I’m thinking ‘Oh you poor darling’,” she told NZME.

The woman had just seen a Facebook post about a missing child when she found him in her own home. Image via iStock.

"Then my daughter comes in and says, 'Mum there's a baby here' and I said to her, 'A what?' And I was like 'Oh my god, that's the baby on Facebook'."

The 18-month-old had gone missing from his home overnight, as his parents were sleeping. When they woke to find him gone at around 2am, they called the police.

The child's father also posted a picture to social media, asking others to help them search for their son.

The woman who found him says her grandson had walked into her home with the missing child in his arms.

"I saw my grandson holding the baby. He's a grandson I don't have a lot to do with," she said.

"We don't even know the baby's family. It was so sad."

The toddler was reunited with his parents at 8:15am.

The parents were reunited with her child at around 8:15am, six hours after they had first noticed him missing.

"I just gave him a big hug, he just seemed like the same old, happy to see mum and dad, he was a happy as little chap," the missing child's father told news outlets.

Police said a 17-year-old - who was unknown to the family - had been charged over the incident.

* Featured image via Facebook.