'I cried in the shower that night': Woman "body shamed" by Lululemon staff.

US woman Heather Albert says she was left her tears after shopping at luxury activewear store Lululemon.

Writing on Facebook, Albert said she was feeling proud after losing weight, and decided she wanted to treat herself with some new workout gear.

She went into Lululemon, but once there, she claims that she overheard a staff member shame her appearance to a colleague.

“I have to share I had the worst experience ever here,” Albert posted on the Lululemon Facebook page.

“When my amazing fiancee heard I was going to Park City, UT for a work trip this past week, she insisted I go to the retail store in PC and buy myself something.”

Albert wrote that while she looked through the sales rack, she overheard one shop assistant whisper to her colleague, “do we even have anything in her size?”

She claims that both Lululemon employees then started laughing.

“I was the only customer in the store,” Albert said in her post. “I knew it was directed at me.”

Heather Albert's post on the Lululemon Facebook page. Screenshot via Facebook.

Despite feeling "mortified", Albert purchased the items that she was holding at the time and promptly left the store.

"I was so embarrassed!" Albert wrote. "I had a work function to go to that night, when I got back to my hotel I cried in the shower." 

According to their Australian website, Lululemon stock up to a size 16. Albert wrote that she is a size 14-16 in Lululemon tops and 12-14 in the store's pants.

"When I got back to my hotel I cried in the shower," Albert wrote. Image via Facebook.

"I realise that not everyone fits into Lulu," Albert wrote. "[but] I'm not even close to maxing out on size there!"

"I'll stick to the outlets and online shopping from now on." 

A Lululemon representative, named Kate, replied to Albert's post and apologised about her experience

"Please send us a private message so we can dig into this further and help make things right," Kate wrote.

Lululemon's response to Albert's claims. Screenshot via Facebook.

Other Lululemon fans were quick to support Albert.

"This is horrible," commented Eric Lewis. "I'm sorry to hear."

"So wrong," wrote Kendra Hassan.

Lululemon are yet to comment further on Albert's claims.

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