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Woman who thought she was merely constipated gives birth to healthy baby boy.

A 20-year-old woman from Cardiff in Wales gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the toilet. According to The Mirror Charlotte Bryant’s pregnancy had been misdiagnosed by three doctors as muscle inflammation.

Suffering horrible back pain and what she thought was severe constipation, Charlotte took laxatives. She told The Mirror, “I sat on the toilet and I felt something really odd between my legs. It was like a poo but it felt like it was coming from the wrong place.

“I felt the urge to push and then as I looked down and I saw a face looking at me. It was absolutely surreal.”

The Mirror reports that, “Shortly after, Charlotte sent a photo of her newborn son, Joshua, via text message to her partner, Daniel Hughes – who initially thought she was joking.

When he realised she was telling the truth and he had become a father, he was in ‘complete shock’, she said.”

What do mums really think the first time they see their babies? Post continues after video…

These stories crop up every now and again. It’s not unusual for a woman to completely miss her pregnancy, with the birth of a child being the first time they understand what’s happening to them. But every time I hear a story like it, I’m completely stunned.

I’ve had two pregnancies, and I knew I was up the duff the minute the embryo implanted itself in the wall of my uterus. My boobs ached, and I developed an incredible sense of smell almost immediately.

Alys, with her second baby, just days after birth. Image supplied.

A girlfriend of mine, the first of us to have a baby, discovered she was pregnant at 27 weeks. We were in our early 20s at the time, and I remember being in a state of complete shock - though admittedly, that was nothing compared to the shock she experienced.

As for Charlotte Bryant, she says her baby boy is a little miracle. "He is the most beautiful baby and Daniel and I love him so much even though he was a complete surprise," Charlotte told The Mirror.

Charlotte and her partner have named the boy Joshua. He's now three weeks old.

How did you know you were pregnant?