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A woman asked to be induced 5 weeks early. Her husband only just discovered exactly why.

Oh, the lengths people will go to hide infidelity.

A doctor has recalled how one patient asked to be induced into labour five weeks early, in an effort to make her husband believe the baby was his.

The woman’s husband worked in the army and had been deployed for her entire pregnancy.

According to the doctor’s account, which was posted onto the forum Quora, the poor man was already a bit suspicious.

“He had done the maths and, based on the last time they had had sex, she was already overdue,” doctor Lacy Windham of Tennessee wrote in response to the question: ‘What is the most unreasonable request you have received from a patient?’.

“He couldn’t understand why we were letting her pregnancy go so long. But he was not the father of the baby. And she was trying to keep this a secret.”

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Though Dr Windham didn’t go along with the plan, the woman – perhaps by sheer will – went into labour early on her own.

She might have gotten away with it… Except there was just one problem.

“She and her husband were white,” Dr Windham explained. “The father of the baby was not.”

“We couldn’t help but stare at her husband as he walked over to the baby warmer. We could see the moment he figured it out.”

What an awful – almost Hollywood-esque – surprise.