The Find: 5 Witchery Beauty products to add to cart.

Image: Supplied.

Witchery has played a part in adorning the bodies of Australian women for years, and now the fashion label is making its way onto our faces, too.

While shopping for Christmas presents for my family recently (read: I was mainly just browsing for myself) I was delighted to see a whole range of pretty beauty products competing for my attention on Witchery shelves.

Here are five of my favourites… (Post continues after video.)

1. Cheek palette in ‘sorbet’, $19.95.

Pinky blushes look a little out of place on my mug in summer, when bronzer comes out from hibernation. So this peachy little number is brilliant.

This peachy little number is brilliant. (Image provided)

Half luminiser, half blush, it’s perfect for creating a beachy glow. Because I’m a shiny human, particularly when the mercury rises, I’ve been opting to just use the blush. Works a treat.

2. Wind up eyeliner in brown, $9.95.

So damn smooth. So damn creamy. This liner has crayon-like consistency, meaning it glides on easily and won’t pull at your skin. For under 10 bucks, you can’t complain, can you?

So damn creamy. (Image provided)

3. Fibrelash mascara, $19.95.

If you’re someone who likes your lashes to resemble a Kardashian's on a day-to-day basis, you might as well bulk-buy this.

As someone who prefers a subtle lash look during the day, I’d probably only wear this bad boy out at nighttime. Yes, it has magical volumising powers.

This mascara provides volume. In spades. (Image provided)

4. Eye Palette in ‘birch’, $19.95.

A neutral mix of shimmery and matte eyeshadows, this palette can serve both your Daytime and Going Out faces effectively. And no, it’s not a coincidence that the colour scheme is one you can find throughout the rest of the store.

This palette can serve both your Daytime and Going Out face effectively. (Image provided)

“The beauty range was produced to work with our apparel and accessories collection so all colours coordinate perfectly,” explains Witchery’s Managing Director Linda Levy.

5. Lip gloss wand in ‘grape’, $16.95.

It tastes and smells deliciously good. (Image provided)


Sure, this lip gloss delivers on shine and a subtle wash of colour, but damn - it tastes and smells deliciously good. If you buy it, know that you’ll inadvertently be licking it 85 per cent of it off your lips every time you apply it.

So will the beauty range be sticking around? You bet. “For AW16, we turn our focus to runway trends - experimental eyeliner; lashings of nail colour still very 70’s inspired plus the season’s power lip, blackberry,” explains Levy. Nice.

Have you tried the Witchery Beauty range?